What’s with the crates on Bank Street

IMG_2322I first noticed these on Sunday. A large… structure was erected at Bank and Fifth. On an initial glance, it looked like some sort of billboard–what you’d see when new site plans are being introduced–which sort of made sense since it was on a vacant lot.

But throughout the week, I noticed these sorts of things up and down along Bank Street. Mostly, they’re smaller, but they’ve been put up at Lansdowne, outside the ScotiaBank, the Beer Store, and a number of other places. Curious.

At about the same time, I noticed that a lot of Winterlude signage had gone up…which only makes sense, since we’re just a week or two away from the festivites. So maybe this has something to do with Winterlude. Interstingly, a number of the crates have “Top” spray-painted at (presumably) the top.

IMG_2323What would be neat would be if these are going to be locations for ice or snow sculptures. When I was a kid, the sculptures were always the defining aspect of Winterlude (aside from the Ice Hogs), so it’s only natural that sculptures would be used to promote this defining event in the capital. Also, it also looks like they’re filled with snow (there’s definitely snow piled up at the top of some of them, and more snow than has fallen recently), so I’m really leaning towards sculptures.

If it turns out to just be public urinals or something, I’ll be quite disappointed.