K2J Postal Codes “Moving” to Community Mailboxes

This is an interesting little story:

Canada Post informed its employees Monday that neighbourhoods in Ottawa with postal codes starting with K2J will be converting to community mailboxes from door-to-door delivery in early summer 2015.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t seem interesting (and maybe it really isn’t), but this lede is inaccurate.

I moved into the K2J area in the summer of 1993. Our mail was delivered to a community mailbox. It was actually pretty common in my neighbourhood… I’m not sure which streets might have been blessed with door-to-door service.

This isn’t the biggest inaccuracy in a news story ever, nor does it matter a whole lot. It is, however, a good snapshot of the ridiculous hysteria around Canada Post’s decision to go exclusively to community mailboxes. Many–many–communities have had these mailboxes in the past, and the earth didn’t open up and swallow us whole.

Yesterday’s mail service is just that, yesterday’s. We’re not going back, and Canada Post cannot provide a viable service providing door-to-door delivery. We all just need to accept it and move on.