So Many Cities

A few months ago, I wrote a post called about Ottawa becoming a Resilient City—the idea that cities must become better prepared for unforeseen issues. The concept of an <<Adjective>> City certainly isn’t new. Me, I’ve talked about Ottawa’s need to be a Transit City. I’ve written a Winter City manifesto for our town.

Others, more versed in this stuff than I have written about being a Walkable City or a Happy City or a Soft City. We talk about being a Livable City, a Sustainable City, a Bike City. (This is different than, for instance, calling Ottawa a government city—that’s an identity, but it’s a description, these identities are aspirational. No one, other than Greber, has made being a government town an actual goal.)

I was thinking about this the other day (or, more accurately, a couple of months back) when I thought of another type of Something City Ottawa should be. It seemed almost comical to write another one of those posts after writing about being a Resilient City. Continue reading