Looking ahead to the 2022 municipal election

With the 2018 election behind us, and a number of interesting developments (seven new councillors, four new women on council), it’s about time to start looking into what the next election has in store for us. Will Jim Watson run for a fourth term? Which councillors will be angling for their own mayoral runs? Which councillors might be in trouble? Which candidates might come back strong next time.

It’s time to take a look at these questions.

Ha ha. No.

3 thoughts on “Looking ahead to the 2022 municipal election

  1. I moved out of Alta Vista to Gloucester Southgate and I can say I felt a difference in the candidates. As a Lebanese Canadian I was not particularly drawn to Robert who had planned to run but when Diane changed her mind last minute, he refused to drop out. That is not a true friend. I was very impressed by the delivery of Sam and Alex, both knowledgeable very classy too. I don’t think I have ever seen a happier person on a election sign then Alek. I think in four years Diane is a lock to run for mayor, Robert seems to have peaked at 3500 votes (with how many signs he had not good), I am fairly interested to see how the young guys handle the results and what they decided.

    Always enjoy reading Sue’s and your blurbs but I guess Carol Ann & Alta Vista squished our ward in recognition but it was nice to see a fire lit under Diane.

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