Predictions, Endorsements and our Best Possible Council

A few weeks ago, a friend asked on Twitter about the best candidate who had a chance to win their ward. This would be a slight deviation from pure endorsements (his example was that we know Jan Harder is winning in Barrhaven), but definitely with some overlap.

It’s a neat idea, but I kind of put it on the back burner while I took care of other stuff…but now with a bit of time, let’s give it a whirl. For fun, I’ve combined it with my predictions (which are, again, different), and I’ve included my endorsements for references. I’ve called the best candidate with a chance to win “Best Hope”. Also, I decided to be generous in terms of what constitutes having a chance.

Also, I’ve got a small bet on with a City Hall insider on predictions…so I better friggin’ be right. (Also, I hate doing predictions,)

Ward Prediction Endorsement Best Hope
Ward 1: Orleans Catherine Kitts Mireille Brownhill Mireille Brownhill
Ward 2: Innes Laura Dudas Laura Dudas Laura Dudas
Ward 3: Barrhaven Jan Harder Franklin Epape Jan Harder
Ward 4: Kanata North Jenna Sudds Jenna Sudds Jenna Sudds
Ward 5: West Carleton-March Eli El-Chantiri Judi Varga-Toth Judi Varga-Toth
Ward 6: The ‘Ville Glen Gower Glen Gower Glen Gower
Ward 7: Bay Theresa Kavanagh Theresa Kavanagh Theresa Kavanagh
Ward 8: College Rick Chiarelli Emilie Coyle Emilie Coyle*
Ward 9: Knoxdale-Merivale Keith Egli Keith Egli Keith Egli
Ward 10: Gloucester-Southgate Diane Deans Diane Deans Diane Deans
Ward 11: Beacon Hill-Cyrville Tim Tierney Tim Tierney Tim Tierney
Ward 12: Rideau-Vanier Mathieu Fleury Thierry Harris Thierry Harris
Ward 13: Rideau-Rockliffe Tobi Nussbaum Tobi Nussbaum Tobi Nussbaum
Ward 14: Somerset Catherine McKenney Catherine McKenney Catherine McKenney
Ward 15: Kitchissippi Jeff Leiper Jeff Leiper Jeff Leiper
Ward 16: River Fabien Kalala Cimankinda Fabien Kalala Cimankinda Fabien Kalala Cimankinda
Ward 17: CANAL Shawn Menard Shawn Menard Shawn Menard
Ward 18: Alta Vista Raylene Lang-Dion Raylene Lang-Dion Raylene Lang-Dion
Ward 19: Cumberland Stephen Blais Weeping Abandon hope all who enter
Ward 20: Osgoode George Darouze Kim Sheldrick George Darouze
Ward 21: Rideau-Goulbourn Scott Moffatt Scott Moffatt Scott Moffatt
Ward 22: Gloucester-South Nepean Michael Qaqish Zaff Ansari Harpreet Singh
Ward 23: Kanata South Allan Hubley Allan Hubley Allan Hubley
Mayor Jim Watson Clive Doucet Jim Watson

All right, get out your scorecards and let’s see how we do…and how bad council will be for the next four years.

*I don’t know if Emilie Coyle actually has a shot at unseating Chiarelli, but she’s run a damned good campaign, so she deserves the acknowledgement here.

5 thoughts on “Predictions, Endorsements and our Best Possible Council

  1. Me: “So who’d you vote for, Mom?”

    Mom: “For YOU. And NOT for Hubley! I picked the first nice-sounding name. Anderson I think. For school trustee I had no idea so I picked the woman.”

    Me: “Two out of three ain’t bad. But you should have voted for Clive. He took the trouble to drive out to your Kanata retirement residence, right?”

    Mom: “Yeah, he was good. Very entertaining. Good singer. Nice wife.”

    Me: “I looked at the results: Watson 47, Clive 21, me 8, Ryan and Bruce 2 each, and one vote for Michael.”

    Mom: “Zzzzzz.”

  2. Okay, if we’re acknowledging mistakes: my true score was really only 18/23, so you win.

    I didn’t even try to make a prediction for Orleans and I dared hope that Emilie would knock off that scoundrel Rick.

    I also thought that Scott might lose and that Jenna might have trouble defeating the Watson bobblehead.

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