The #OttVote Dream Team

In my College Ward endorsement, I noted that Emilie Coyle was one of the best candidates across the city. This led to a couple of people wondering about who would be my Top Ten candidates.

Well, I’m not going to do that, exactly–a Top Ten feels restrictive, but since council has 24 members, how about the ideal council, ignoring wards and including all mayoral candidates. This list is in no particular order, but if a candidate is near the top of the list, they’re more likely to be one of my top candidates than someone listed at the bottom of my list. I’ll include their ward, just for reference.

This is kind of a dumb post, so I’m going to do this quickly, and it may not be 100% accurate and it may not be exactly 24 people. Let’s ride!

  • Catherine McKenney (Somerset)
  • Tobi Nussbaum (Rideau-Rockliffe)
  • Shawn Menard (Capital)
  • Jeff Leiper (Kitchissippi)
  • Diane Deans (Gloucester-Southgate)
  • Laura Dudas (Innes)
  • Glen Gower (Stittsville)
  • Theresa Kavanagh (Bay)
  • Scott Moffatt (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • Emilie Coyle (College)
  • Raylene Lang-Dion (Alta Vista)
  • Clinton Cowan (Alta Vista)
  • Kim Sheldrick (Osgoode)
  • Fabien Kalala Cimankinda (River)
  • Christine McAllister (Capital)
  • Kevin Kit (Alta Vista)
  • Mireille Brownhill (Orleans)
  • Catherine Kitts (Orleans)
  • Jenna Sudds (Kanata North)
  • Shannon Kramer (Orleans)
  • Judi Varga-Toth (West Carleton-March)
  • Miranda Gray (Orleans)
  • Don Dransfield (Bay)
  • Donna Leith-Gudbranson (Innes)

Huh. Fifteen women. I wasn’t even going for that.

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