College Ward Endorsement

About a month ago, I did a re-cap of the College Ward debate. You wouldn’t think this would be an interesting, with Chiarelli firmly entrenched as the incumbent, but with two smart and intriguing candidates–Ryan Kennery and Emilie Coyle–it was a much more interesting debate, and a much more interesting race, than I would have expected back in the winter.

Four years ago, I wrote that College Ward deserved better than Chiarelli, but there was no better choice running. This time around, College Ward still deserves better than Chiarelli, but now there are real, good options for voters.

Endorsement: Emilie Coyle

Okay, here it is: Emilie Coyle isn’t just the best candidate in College Ward; she’s one of the best candidates across the city.

I’m absolutely serious here. If I were to rank the candidates from all ward races and the mayoral race, Coyle might just break the top-ten. She’s smart. She’s dedicated. She works hard. And she has a worthwhile vision for College Ward and the city.

Coyle recognizes that College Ward is going to go through changes…it absolutely has to. There’s pressure from the core, as intensification spreads outwards, but, butting up against the greenbelt, there’s still a lot of pushback from residents wanting to maintain the traditional, inner suburban communities they’ve had and love.

And you know, I get that and, more importantly, Coyle gets that. A neighbourhood that isn’t growing is a neighbourhood that’s dying, so, no, College Ward cannot be frozen in amber and maintained in its current, pure form. In Coyle, College Ward would have a councillor who has the wisdom and understanding to guide ward forward. Managing growth, without arresting it; enhancing the ward without radically transforming it.

Now, at the debate, Coyle didn’t have the depth of knowledge of the details of city matters that the other two showed. But that’s to be expected–one is a long-time councillor and the other is a former mayor and city staffer.

Still, as I wrote after watching the debate, she was able to hold her own. Throughout the campaign, she has demonstrated more and more understanding of city building and city governance. She has shown that she has the qualities necessary for a good councillor and that she has the capacity to learn more and really understand how the city–and how city council–works.

I’ve spoken about this debate with a handful of people, and without fail, everyone has been impressed by Coyle (and maybe a little disappointed in Kennery). Everyone I’ve spoken with has recognized her intelligence, her leadership and her potential. She has the temperament and the demeanour to be a valuable representative, and the wherewithall to be a strong voice at the council table.

Personally, I’m surprised that I’m so strongly endorsing Coyle. At the start of the campaign, she was intriguing, but I wasn’t sure how strong a candidate she’d be, but from her diligence out on the campaign trail to her thoughtfulness when speaking to city issues, she’s the absolute best choice in College Ward that I can see.

2 thoughts on “College Ward Endorsement

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  2. I had assumed that Chiarelli would coast to an easy victory with Ryan and Emilie splitting the anti-Rick vote (those who don’t like him, don’t like him A LOT).

    But that was at the start of the campaign.

    Since then Ryan’s performance has been okay, but he doesn’t seem to have his heart in it. I don’t think he has a lot of skin in the game (Kennery is probably developer/Watson-financed, not using his personal stash to buy signs) and his happy career as a “media specialist” will only be enhanced by his overly polite challenge of Rick.

    Jim will be disappointed but understanding. NO ONE could have predicted that Emilie would make such a strong showing. You’re so effusive in your praise that one might suspect you’re on her payroll (some have accused me of the same thing). But we’re not: she’s the real deal! I don’t know who her campaign manager is, but he or she is brilliant!

    I’ve talked to a lot of ordinary residents and EVERYONE is wowed! The only person who said something negative was Sue Sherring, and she’s on the councillor’s payroll. Even staunch Rick fans like Kurt Stoodley and Stuntman Stu are jumping ship.

    Chiarelli’s problem is that a lot of the “important people” are being forced to choose between Jim and Rick. And if you were a developer which horse would you bet on? I’m surprised at the number of Rick fans who are coming out openly for Ryan. They must think the lifetime councillor could be going down.

    I predict a squeaker: Emilie 40.1 per cent of the vote, Rick 40%, Ryan 19.9%.

    Certainly Rick didn’t expect to be sweating bullets just three days before the election. Only recently did he get off his lazy bum, figuring the taxpayer-funded “councillor’s newsletters” that flooded the ward and the illegal campaigning with staff would be enough to coast to yet another sleazy victory.

    FINALLY realizing the danger of being kicked off the gravy train the councillor has even started driving his taxpayer-funded “carpool councillor” Rickmobile around the ward again, endangering the lives of law-abiding pedestrians and cyclists. And other dirty tricks.

    Thanks for taking the time to follow all the ward races: it was a mammoth task that no sane man would undertake without some huge financial compensation, and unlike bloggers Kenny Gray and Sweet Sue I don’t see ads plastered all over your site (and I’m pretty sure you’re not in the developers’ pocket or on a first-name basis with Uncle Jim).

    You must have seen a lot of funny and poignant stuff watching the Rogers “debates” but a lot of it was just plain BORING. Way too much Mark Sutcliffe!

    And some of the candidates are SO ridiculous (and I don’t exclude myself) that I’m sure you wanted to tear out your hair in frustration (if you have any hair, I’ve never seen you in person. Nor do I want to, I’d rather let my imagination fill in the details).

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