River Ward Shade

So some new signs have popped up in the last couple of weeks in River Ward. These signs, from challenger Kerri Keith, are along Crerar Avenue:

You may not be able to quite see, but the signs read (from front to back), HonestyIntegrity and Transparency.

These signs are on public property, so they couldn’t have gone up before September 22, meaning they went up after CBC’s story that noted River Ward incumbent Riley Brockington’s team solicited a fundraiser from the developer community.

This is also after a term of council during which residents felt excluded from the decision to put in a million-dollar playground at Mooney’s Bay, as well as decisions pertaining to the Canoe Bay development.

So, yeah, they seem pretty pointed.

I’m still inclined to think Brockington will hold on to his seat, but this messaging could represent greater unrest in the ward.

However, if Brockington is to be defeated, I’d guess it’d be by Fabien Kalala Cimankinda who has been getting some good press, including some tweets from the previous councillor, Maria McRae. (Oh yeah, and I endorsed him, too.)

We shall see.

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