A little more on my Capital Ward endorsement

A few weeks ago, I went on a bit of a binge on Capital Ward, leading up to my endorsement (hey, it’s where I live, so I pay a bit more attention). I wrote that endorsement after a long debate, and I was pretty tired, so not only do I think it’s not as well written as it could be, I also left something out by mistake. (And I don’t just want to tack it on to the bottom of that post, which is now buried.)

My endorsement of Shawn Menard doesn’t change, nor do the reasons I listed. I still think he’s the strongest candidate, with the clearest and superior vision, the best platform, and the best understanding of city-building and what is needed for the ward and the city.

…but I also wanted to give an honourable mention–a second choice or runner up, if you will…so here we go:

Honourable Mention: Christine McAllister

I think this is likely a two-person race between Menard and McAllister, and, moreover, I think it should be a two-person race between Menard and McAllister.

It’s easy to see a lot of the qualities that would make McAllister a worthwhile councillor. She’s hard-working, intelligent, thoughtful, friendly and I don’t get the sense she would take a lot of crap from other councillors. She has a long track record of working for the community, so the dedication seems to be there.

Her platform is decent. While it might be lacking in specific policy proposals, she appears to have a good way of looking at the issues in the ward and the city. She has a nuanced take on taxation and spending, to her credit. And, hell, she’s spoken of a bike corridor along Bank Street.

I disagree on a few of her policy stances, but, all in all, it’s a decent platform that should make you think she’d be a decent councillor.

So why am I not going with her? Well, as I said, I have some quibbles on policy, and on some specific issues that I think are important to the ward. I’m also not sure she has the overall vision I’d want in a councillor. And I don’t think she has as deep a grasp on city-building issues as Menard (which, I imagine, has something to do with Menard’s career, as well as his interests)…but if Menard weren’t in the race, I would be 100% behind McAllister.

So, no, I’m not changing my endorsement, but I am saying that I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed to have McAllister ruling over Capital Ward for the next four years.

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