Kanata South Endorsement

The televised debate for Kanata South only feature three of the four candidates. Allan Hubley, the incumbent, was there, along with challengers Mike Brown and Steve Anderson. Doug Large was not in attendance, which is too bad. I get that these things happen, but it does make it more difficult to assess the candidates.

The debate itself was pretty standard fare. Hubley was far more combative and aggressive than I would have thought for a seemingly comfortable incumbent. Mike Brown was…not much different than Hubley? Steve Anderson probably had the best overall ideas, but he wasn’t great at getting his points across and he was actually quite lousy on transit (just don’t send LRT to Stittsville, problem solved!).

Going into the debate, I was most impressed with Anderson. His website offers some real concrete ideas and a solid(ish) vision, so I figured he was a credible challenger. I still imagine he is, though I doubt he has much chance at winning.

In a thoroughly depressing debate, it was hard to pinpoint a low point–it was either when Brown and Hubley were seemingly having a competition about who liked handguns more, or when they were both completely unmoved by the work of Overdose Prevention Ottawa as they saved lives while city council fiddled.

The absolute lowest point was probably when Hubley attacked Anderson for his anti-gun, anti-overdose policies–as if trying to help people not die is a horrible objective for a city councillor. The really low point will come in a couple of weeks when that sort of argument wins the day in Kanata South.

Endorsement: Steve Anderson or Doug Large

Coming out of the debate, Anderson was the clear, if severely flawed, choice. Hoping people don’t die of an overdose seems like an impossibly low bar not clear, but Brown and Hubley limboed right under it as they curried favour of “responsible” handgun owners.

Doug Large’s website is promising (though suggesting that showers rather than protected bike lanes is how you get people biking is really disappointing). He likes the environment and good management. I know, that doesn’t seem like much, but there were some good ideas, and, hell, he’s not taking the pro-gun, pro-overdose stance, so I’d give him a chance. (Caveat: He might very well take the pro-gun, pro-overdose stance, and we could have found that out at the debate, but, alas, we didn’t, so it’s hard to give him a hardy thumbs up at this point).

Don’t worry, though. Hubley’ll still win.

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