Knoxdale-Merivale Endorsement

This race has been pretty under-the-radar for me. I’ve checked out most of the candidates, but no one’s really grabbed me, and no one’s really forcing me to pay attention to them. I guess this kind of makes sense. Keith Egli, despite being Transportation Chair, is a pretty under-the-radar councillor. He really doesn’t speak too much, when he does it’s mostly benign and moderately sensible. The only real highlight I can think of about Egli is when he started schooling council on skateboarding lingo.

Endorsement: Keith Egli

I actually felt kind of bad for Egli during the Rogers debate. It was mostly an airing of grievances. A couple of candidates had a couple of okay ideas. One candidate was quite earnest, but that sincerity was matched only by his nerves (and he didn’t quite have a full grasp of the issues). One candidate was just there to interrupt and complain about stuff.

Most candidates made some sort of proposal to at least a couple of issues. They tended to contradict themselves a lot (Fewer taxes! More services!), and that complainer guy repeatedly interrupted and took nasty shots at Egli. Egli did well to hold things together and present a coherent defense of his record.

So Keith Egli will probably sail through, under-the-radar, serve a few more years, and retire in like 2034 or something, with most of us not even realizing he had been mayor for the final few terms of his public life.

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