Cumberland Endorsement

A couple of weeks back, I started watching the Cumberland Ward debate. I’m actually going to try to watch every debate this year, even for the races that seem like no contests. In this case, the incumbent Stephen Blais is facing off against an earnest university student and someone who didn’t show up for the debate.

I had to turn the debate off once they started talking about the Iraq War. Yes. Seriously. I’m still counting it towards my “Debates Watched” tally, though.

Endorsement: Weeping

Stephen Blais is going to win. For the second election in a row, he’ll have no formidable challenger. My understanding is that he’s generally responsive to on-the-ground ward issues. He makes some pretty bad decisions for the city, though, and occasionally the ward. He’s the transit chair, yet he doesn’t seem to like transit. Go figure.

So on October 22, grab a bottle, have a drink, and shed a few tears at the prospect of for more years of malevolent mediocrity (at best).

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