Orleans Ward–Candidate Doug Feltmate Responds

Recently, I went through all 17 candidates from Orleans Ward, based on the information I could find online. It was quick and cursory, and I don’t claim it was definitive. To be fair, I emailed all candidates telling them about the post and offered to publish any response they send me.

Here is a response from Doug Feltmate

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative so how to pay for something is always a big part of the planning process. Its surprising what can be found when one looks deep into existing budgets and combines that with alternate funding models, P3’s, etc. It’s important to get the plan in place first so there is a clear set of goals and objectives. From that, a funding model and method can be created and “value engineering” can take place without jeopardizing the finished product.

My main objective is to continue my work on a federal employment centre located in Orléans. This is part of the Balance Orleans initiative and the Build Ottawa Task Force of the Ottawa Board of Trade. We have several private equity partners in place to develop this if only we can convince the Feds and NCC that planning employment nodes outside the Greenbelt is good for the sustainability for the community and the environment. This planning seems to be in place for Barrhaven and Kanata but there has been an exclusion in Orleans. I’d like to get that community balance in place.

A few of my other priorities are:

  • The renewal of St. Joseph Boulevard as a priority — let’s start smart city planning now .
  • St. Joseph Blvd accessible to people of all ages and abilities\Our sports and leisure facilities grow and meet the evolving needs of Orléans residents.
  • A festival plaza built in the St. Joseph Arts and Entertainment area. The Arts is critical to the success of any community.
  • Continued infrastructure development for a ‘smart’ Orléans. Make sure infrastructure dollars are spent in a smart way.
  • Petrie Island reach its potential as a recreational park, a canoe club for kids and a environmental and historical learning centre.

And yes, I have funding models in place for all these objectives and they are not about the City getting out the cheque-book and adding budget line items. .

When 17 people are in the race, I see this as a job application and the experience profile is going to be critical for the successful candidate.

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