Orleans Ward–Candidate Guys Desroches Responds

Recently, I went through all 17 candidates from Orleans Ward, based on the information I could find online. It was quick and cursory, and I don’t claim it was definitive. To be fair, I emailed all candidates telling them about the post and offered to publish any response they send me.

The first response is from Guy Desroches:

Plan and Priorities

Everyone’s voice

1. An Affordable Orleans
The cost and need for public and accessible transportation are the most important for people with low income. The need for subsidized housing, rentals and accessible housing continues to grow, with 10,000 on the Ottawa waiting list. The time to build more is now, with the help of builders, Provincial and Federal government. Seniors’ service and recreation needs are increasing with programs like Snow Go and others, as they become a growing percentage of our resident population.

2. A Safer Orleans
The need for more policing is here and the time to add the neighborhood watch program is now. With what we have seen with the number of swarming increasing this summer now is the time to react.

3. An Accessible Orleans
St Joseph Boulevard will receive new paving from Prestone to Forest Valley and I will be there to see that we get the lanes and sidewalks we deserve.

With the arrival of the LRT at Trim we will see changes: new lanes on the 174 (between Trim and the 417, when financing is approved), new interchange at Trim Rd and the 174. We will need to be consulted to give our input. It is time for a ring highway around Ottawa, with the help of private partners a toll road should be built to get around all of Ottawa, to have an alternative to the 174 and 417.

4. A Responsible Orleans
To increase recycling, it is time to impose taxes on the third garbage bag. The city of Kingston, Thunder Bay, and London started this last year and in order to stop filling our waste disposal site, we need to increase recycling.

5. A Beautiful Orleans
It is time to look at our jewel, Petrie Island, and finish it. We should attract a private partner and build a pavilion, a restaurant, a real marina and good services that would support more festivals, like the ones we already have.

6. A Healthy Orleans
We should have more mental health services available in Orleans. As the needs increase and people will not have to travel in order to get help.

It is time for the provincial government to implement the promised Orléans health hub. We see congestion at Monfort and General Hospitals for the basic treatments that we could receive here. We at the municipal level need to push them.

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