More signs!

Okay, no, I don’t plan to regularly update the state of election signs in Capital Ward, but we’re going to do a bit more.

The other night, I headed over to Old Ottawa East to check the sign situation out there. I only did the area east of Main Street (and not each and every street), but here’s what I found…

There’s a decent mix of signs over there. I saw a couple of McAllister signs, but she seemed quite far behind Carricato and Menard, who seemed to be running neck-and-neck for the sign lead. Most of the time out there, I thought Carricato clearly had the most, but just about any time that thought entered my mind, I’d run into a few Menard signs, and it’d seem tied.

(Again, this is incredibly unscientific and, no, I’m not actually counting.)

One little quirk I noticed was that Carricato seems to have a disproportionate number of signs on corners. This doesn’t really mean anything (owning a corner is good because you can put signs up facing two roads, but the people in a corner lot only get to vote once), it’s just an odd observation.

Also, Clive Doucet owns that portion of OOE. I saw no Watson signs until I was on Main Street, but there were a handful of Doucet signs throughout the area.

There were no Afolabi or Chernushenko signs.

(Chernushenko sent out an email saying that his signs came back from the printer with the wrong colours, so they had to be re-done. There was a tweet this morning or last night showing that his signs have come in. So soon we should see how many are out there.)

Back in the Glebe, more an more signs are going up…at least for some. McAllister continues to own the area. I don’t think I’ve seen more Menard signs, but there seems to be a steady trickle of Carricato signs going up. Also, I saw a second Afolabi sign.

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