Programming Note: Endorsements

So a while back, I said I wasn’t going to endorse any particular candidates. My plan was that I’d endorse ideas (and would indirectly endorse candidates), but I wouldn’t actually name a preferred candidate in any wards. I also said I reserved the right to change my mind.

Well, I’ve changed my mind.

Since today is August 22–the first day that lawn signs are allowed–it seems like a good day to say that I’ve decided I’m going to do endorsements. I won’t necessarily do each race, and I may actually endorse multiple people in some races, but I’m going to do some endorsements, at least.

You may not care, but let me give you my justification: first off, my original plan was sorta unworkable. I was obviously going to be offering de facto endorsements, so why not just come right out and do some (and, hey, more hashtag-content for you, dear readers!)?

But. more than this, it’s because I actually fucking care about this election, quite a bit. I know I’m really cynical (for good reason) and I can be pretty irreverent about shit, but, yes, I do care. We have some great candidates running throughout the city, some I desperately want to win. Some I know will really work to make Ottawa a better place.

Look, I’m not a reporter and I don’t feign objectivity (clearly). I try to give information about stuff going on in the city, but I also freely give opinions, so there’s really no reason for me to create a facade of complete neutrality.

Now, to be clear, I’m still refraining from participating in any campaigns. I’m not door-knocking. I’m not putting up signs. I’m not donating money. (I am still willing to give any candidate my thoughts, even in person…but that’s not really different than writing this blog.)

So, yeah, prepare for new content! Endorsements are coming soon!

…and later, because there are still a number of races where I’m not prepared to make any such announcements.

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