It’s time for some fun at City Hall

So this tweet caught my eye, in regards to Clive Doucet’s announcement. Reporters were camped out at Ottawa’s elections office, waiting for any last minute candidate. Well, they got a candidate and he had something to say:

Maybe this seems trivial. Or maybe it seems silly. Or maybe it seems like something completely inconsequential…but, nah, this is actually a worthwhile statement.

Running the city is hard work, no doubt. There will be struggles and conflicts. Council members should be challenging each other, and competing interests should be pressing their case. There will be long days and difficult issues. There will be times when there are good solutions, just ones that are less bad.

But, in the end, that doesn’t mean city governance can’t be fun.

There should be an excitement to sitting on council. Putting aside the occasional boring technical update about city policy #4529-B pertaining to the implementation of an oversight framework for the revitalizzzzzzzz…zzz…zzz

Sorry, sorry about that, everyone.

Yeah, there should be excitement. You get to mold the city. You get to have a hand in what Ottawa will be like next year and for the next generation. With your decisions, you have the power to affect people’s lives, every single day. That means you have the chance to make life better for your neighbours and everyone else in the city.

No other level of government has such an immediate effect on people’s everyday lives. Yes, many significant issues (healthcare funding, LGBTQ+ rights) are more serious and handled at higher levels of governments (though, not exclusively!), but you can make it easier for people to live and work and enjoy their life.

It should be rewarding and empowering. It should make you feel good, overall. (Yes, I know, “should” is doing a lot of work here.)

Yes, it is serious and challenging work, but it should still be fun. Our councillors and our mayor should enjoy what they do and what they’re able to accomplish.

A city that lacks fun in its planning and governance, is a city that will lack fun in its streets.

So say it with me, let’s bring fun back to City Hall.

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