Municipal Election Disclaimer

We’re starting to get into the swing of the municipal election, and there are a few housekeeping things I want to take care of. First, I should point out that I’m not a reporter and barely a journalist. I don’t really do news; I peddle in opinion and, maybe, analysis, so I have no obligation to be unbiased dfssdfsdfdsfor impartial or anything like that.

However, since I’m going to be writing and talking about the election a lot (listen to my podcast!), I do want to keep a degree of impartiality. So here’s how I’m approaching “covering” the election campaign…

I had planned not to endorse any candidates. Instead, I wanted to endorse ideas–I wouldn’t say that a specific candidate is good, but I would say their platform is good. But that’s not really feasible. If I’m talking about a race, and I’m endorsing ideas, then I’m kind of endorsing the candidate.

Further, what kind of analysis would it be if I didn’t state whether or not I thought someone was a good candidate? So, yeah, I guess I will (in a way) be endorsing candidates, though maybe I’ll be endorsing multiple candidates in a single race.

(Also, I reserve the right to change my assessments multiple times during the campaign.)

What I won’t be doing, and this I’m firm about, is officially endorsing any candidates. No candidate is going to be “my candidate”. Yes, I’ll have my preferences, and I’ll vote for someone, but I’m not going to be a part of anyone’s bandwagon.

Which brings me to my next point; I’m not going to be campaigning for anyone. I think this is pretty important. I don’t think I could be on a candidate’s campaign and still do what I do here. So I’m not taking a lawn sign. I’m not going door-to-door and I’m not donating money.

(Now, if a candidate enters a race and I feel compelled as a resident to join their team, I will–but I’ll disclose that, and I’ll be transparent about it in my writing. I won’t feign and unbiased stance.)

That said, I am meeting with a lot of candidates. I have met with all the challengers in my ward (primarily as a resident than as a writer, so I’m not disclosing anything that was talked about). I’ve also been contacted by a few out-of-ward candidates who wanted to chat about local politics.

In these discussion, I have given advice when asked. I’ve offered my perspective on things. And I do this unapologetically. I’ll offer my thoughts to anyone who asks. (I’m not suggesting my thoughts are useful, just that they’re there for the taking.)

And, really, I’m probably not going to say much different than I’ve written on this blog.

So that’s my disclaimer. You’re going to have the usual profane opinions you’ve come to dread expect. You know I’ll tell you what I think of stuff, but you can trust that I’m not in the tank for anyone.

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