The War on Cars, Parking Edition

A ways back, I wrote up my interpretation of the so-called “War on Cars” as it pertains to Elgin Street. You can read it here. The gist of it is, even giving the vast majority of the space to drivers, to the point of excluding space for other road users, will be considered a “War on Cars”. Because drivers have to get absolutely everything, always.

(This is why, as a class, they’re a spoiled, pampered lot.)

Anyway, today, Ottawa’s By-Law Services tweeted about the new, relaxed parking regulations:

This is a pretty pro-car, pro-driving, pro-parking initiative…and it’s fairly benign. On quiet streets that don’t get a lot of parking, it’s probably fine to leave your car there most of the day. Busier streets get signage, so this new rule won’t apply.

Okay. Everybody’s happy, right? Well…

I’m not sure this could be any more of a caricature: a driving activist with a bad avi of a car in an empty, ugly parking garage; complaining about extended free parking; then complaining about no overnight parking…only to be told there’s free overnight parking and he just keeps on complaining.

(If you check out the twitter feed, dude has a real hate on for By-Law. Boomers, man.)

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