…And then there’s Innes Ward

Since we’re talking about people jumping into the upcoming municipal election, let’s talk about Innes Ward. Jody Mitic is the serving councillor, but he has announced he won’t be seeking re-election. He has spoken of taking more time to be with his young family and to focus on his health. This is a very respectable choice, and considering his struggles with mental health and addiction, I hope everything works out for him.

But that does leave a hole in the east-end of council. There’s been a lot of chatter about one of Mitic’s challengers from four years ago running, and she’d probably be the best possible choice. (It’s pretty clear she would have been the best choice last time.)

There’s also a bit of buzz that former councillor Rainer Bloess might run again. This would not strike me as an exciting choice.

But they’re not who we’re talking about right now.

On Thursday, Tammy Lynch notified the mayor and council that she’s taking unpaid leave from the position of Assistant to Councillor Mitic to run in Innes Ward. It doesn’t seem like there’s been an official public announcement, but it’s been tweeted out by local press and retweeted by the councillor. That feels like an endorsement, which would be a pretty big boost to a campaign.

It doesn’t appear that Lynch is active on Twitter, and I haven’t checked Facebook yet, so I’ve really little information about her.

Innes Ward was pretty crowded last time, with nine candidates in the race. An open seat, we could see a similar situation this time around.

One thought on “…And then there’s Innes Ward

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, she’s a woman, and we need more female representation on council. On the other hand, this happens quote often; that is someone in a soon-to-be former councillor’s office decides to run. it gives that person a huge advantage and it really just continues to enforce the belief that politics is an inner circle. For example, I have no idea on where Tammy stands on any of the issues. But she did work in Jody’s office. I suspect she agreed with most of his stances. So we already have an idea of what she stands for. It would be interesting for a reporter to look at all of the elections since amalgamation. Whenever a new councillor was voted in, where did the candidate come from? Did they have any connection to another councillor or the school board, which in the past, used to be a stepping stone into municipal politics? I have no idea what the answer might be.

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