Yvan Baker and protecting drivers from pedestrians

If you hadn’t heard, an MPP from Etobicoke has come up with a ridiculous law to punish pedestrians who happen to be using their smartphone. Basically, if you’re using it while you cross the street–even legally–you’d get fined. There are a couple of carve-outs (you were already on a phone call, you need to make an emergency call), but even if you were just listening to music, you’d, theoretically get dinged.

I’ve already written about this, and I might write more later, but there’s a new twist on this. The other day, the MPP, Yvan Baker, posted a video he took of himself as he walked down the street.

Many pointed out the utter hypocrisy of promoting his anti-“distracted*” walking and him promoting a video of himself walking down the sidewalk paying attention to nothing but recording his own brilliance.

And, yeah, it’s bad, but it’s not actually hypocritical. It’s revealing.

You see, his law isn’t about protecting pedestrians. There’s nothing in his law that would punish people who are walking while texting on the sidewalk. This law doesn’t worry itself with the other pedestrians who might get bumped into or who might get knocked down and hurt.

It is only concerned about the crosswalk…where pedestrians interact with cars and drivers.

This law is aimed solely at protecting drivers.

But, you plead, a pedestrian isn’t going to hurt a driver. Worst comes to worst, the driver may have to clean some blood and brains off their fender. They‘ll still get home to tuck their kids in at night.

You’re right of course, but this isn’t an issue of driver safety.

No, the point of the bill is to protect drivers from the responsibility of killing someone. It’s to absolve drivers from the guilt of being a murderer when they run over someone, if they can find some sort of excuse to get out of it…some flimsy way to blame the pedestrian who had the temerity, the gall, to dare move about a city outside of a car.

So I’m happy he put up this useless video. It lays bare the depravity of his bill. It tells us just how callous and uncaring he really is.

*More on “distracted” later.

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