An admission of planning guilt

A few weeks back, the Citizen reported on the complete screw-up that is the planning around the development of the Canadian Medical Association’s new building Smyth Road Alta Vista Drive (oops).

Basically, the CMA tore down their building to build a new one…but they haven’t built it. Not a big problem, they’ve got another building across the street, so staff can just move into that one. Unfortunately, they’re still parking in the same lot, on the other side of the street from the building. Alta Vista is a nasty stroad that carves up a residential community, so this has led to some dangerous “jaywalking” for people just trying to get to work.

As reported, the city don’t care. Neither does the CMA; they’ve put up a sign telling their minions not to “jay walk”. And to the city, this is enough. Staffers should just walk a block or so out of their way to cross at the lights. We’ve built a dangerous street and allowed a dangerous situation in terms of development and the city, well, DGAF.

In defence of their callous indifference to human life, planners (inadvertently it would seem) admitted this situation, including any subsequent deaths and injuries, is their fault, if not their responsibility:

“While the (planning) department has the ability to influence where people cross, it is ultimately every citizen’s responsibility to abide by provincial law and cross at designated locations,” the planners say.

Yes, the planning department can influence where people cross. By approving (and creating!) the current situation, they have influenced people into crossing a dangerous street at a spot without any traffic lights. Well done.

You may say someone shouldn’t do something, but if your actions tell people–day in, day out–to do it, your words are meaningless.

(They’re wrong about the law, by the way, but that’s a separate point.)


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