The Spur Festival…and a contest!

So there’s an interesting event coming up in September. The Spur Festival is coming to Ottawa on the 14th, 15th and 16th. The topic for the weekend is Risk.

The Spur Festival is put on by Diaspora Dialogues and the Literary Review of Canada. They like to talk about politics and art and society and generally interesting stuff.

They’ve got a number (specificaly: 5) interesting events lined up (check it out). Speakers will include Craig Stewart, Aisha Ahmad, Andrew Revkin, and more. Personally, I’m planning on going to Michael Adams’s talk on Could It Happen Here? It’ll be covering the rise of populism and if Canada might be susceptible.

Now, here’s kind of a cool thing. You, dear reader, have a chance to win tix to Could It Happen Here? All you’ve got to do is follow @SpurFest on Twitter and retweet one of their tweets about an upcoming event, and you’ll get entered into the draw.

(Yes, this is a bit of a plug, but it seems like a cool event, so I’ve got no problem stumping for them a bit.)