Drivers as After-School-Special Bullies

Remember the old trope, touted by after-school-specials and bad (and good, maybe) sitcoms that if you stand up to a bully, you’ll show them to be a coward? The idea is that bullies only pick on those who appear weak, not those who challenge them.

I spend a lot of time walking near cars, often along busy streets where intersections don’t always have traffic lights (most regularly on Bank Street). Walking these streets, it’s very common to have cars creep into (or just drive into without care) the crosswalk, completely blocking the path of pedestrians.

It’s pretty classic bullying. They’re driving big, dangerous vehicles that offer them a lot of protection. Pedestrians are pretty much defenceless.

What is very grating, is that these drivers, so willing to block crosswalks, are reticent to encroach on driving lanes. This is especially bad when they’re trying to go straight or turn left. They’ll completely block the sidewalk, and a bit of the parking lane, but they’ll never go any further until the entire street is absolutely clear of cars.

They’re bullies who are too scared of the other drivers–other bullies, if you will–to even risk inconveniencing them. They’re self-absorbed cowards who are willing to push around the most vulnerable people on the street.

If you do this, stop. It’s gross. And it reflects tremendously poorly on your character.

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