Carleton’s Progressive Conservative nomination race is getting ugly…and a little racist

First it was Doug Thompson, the respected, long-time local politician who contemplating a return to politics in the newly-created riding of Carleton. Thompson withdrew, citing some ugly partisan manoeuvring. It probably wasn’t beyond the pale, but it was bad enough Thompson had no interest in involving himself.

Enter Jay Tysick, a former aide to councillor Rick Chiarelli. A couple of weeks ago, the Citizen‘s David Reevely wrote a fairly standard piece about Tysick and the nomination, alluding to the ugliness Thompson complained about.

Whatever Thompson may have faced, I doubt things were quite as ugly as this little bit from Reevely’s column:

“Neither of them were actually born in the country,” Tysick says. “I look at what’s left there and I don’t feel it’s that strong and I don’t feel it’s fair to the constituents … I just want to see really good representation there, someone who’s going to fight for the people of the riding.”

One of his candidates, Brandon Purcell, was born in Ohio and only moved to Ottawa when he went to university. I’ve no idea why this would be disqualifying, but it’s not really that horrible to say you don’t want a Buckeye…I guess.

His other candidate, Goldie Ghamari, has a slightly different story:

My parents immigrated to Canada in 1986–I was only one at the time. They left everything behind in Iran because they believed Canada would give their children a better life and more opportunities. My father tells me that when we landed in Montreal, we only had two suitcases and $50 to our names. My parents worked very hard to build a new life for us in Canada. As new immigrants and then Canadian citizens, they made sure to integrate themselves into Canadian society, and they instilled in my sister and I the importance of respecting and living by our Canadian values.

Ghamari refers to herself as a “proud Canadian and lifelong resident of Ontario”…but she was born elsewhere and didn’t spend the first year of her life here, so Tysick thinks you shouldn’t vote for her.

5 thoughts on “Carleton’s Progressive Conservative nomination race is getting ugly…and a little racist

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