Beware the #Cowspiracy

A few months ago, a new food truck opened up in the Glebe. Parked in the lot at the corner of Bank and Fifth it offered…well, the usual fair. It was good, fine, if nothing overwhelmingly special, but it did offer a bit of variety on the street.

image1-1Living up to its name, Beef Boyz served hamburgers, as well as other street meat fair. Their brazen display of cow-eating culture attracted the attention of someone, and last Tuesday, the pseudo-word/hashtag #COWSPIRACY was scrawled in chalk in front of the truck.

What is #COWSPIRACY, you ask? It’s a documentary, but it appears to be much more than that, or much less than that, I’m not really sure. You see, no matter how powerful the #COWSPIRACY might be the chalk-wielding vigilantes fighting the #COWSPIRACY seem far more powerful. For, you see, last Wednesday, Beef Boyz had disappeared.

image2Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s the end of summer and fewer people are purchasing street meat; it was kinda overpriced so of course it wouldn’t last; there were never that many customers…hell, there didn’t even seem to be anyone working there for the past few weeks, so of course it closed.

Chalk this up to coincidence at your peril. There are powerful forces out there that can bring down the #COWSPIRACY with a simple hashtag and a bit of, err, chalk.

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