This is why people don’t walk

Today at lunch, I decided to run a little errand. I walked up to Metro Music to pick up some Christmas gifts for my girls. (FYI, it’s a good thing they don’t/can’t read this blog.) I started just south of Fifth Avenue and Metro is just north of Glebe. There are lights at Fifths, Third, First and Glebe.

I missed every light.

I then had to make the return trip. Again, I missed every light.

This was lunch time in the Glebe, an eminently walkable place with a good deal of pedestrian traffic. It’s winter. There’s rain. And I have to wait at every light for cars to go through.

This is car-centric development. This is how you kill your downtown.

*It shouldn’t matter what I was doing, but the city always wants a “business case” to let people live their friggin’ lives in their own neighbourhood.

2 thoughts on “This is why people don’t walk

  1. I live in Fairwinds, the little community south of the Canadian Tire Centre. When the outlet mall opened on the north side of the highway, it was soon discovered that there’s no way to walk there from here. The bridge over the highway on Huntmar has no sidewalks and specifically forbids pedestrians. The Palladium loop also has no sidewalks. We brought this to the city’s attention (via letter from the Community Association) and were told by our councillor not to expect sidewalks until 2028. We presented a range of options to the city that would impede car traffic but make it safer for bikes and actually legal for pedestrians but we were told they’d impact traffic flow too much.

    In regards to a different issue with the outlet mall (I think sewage capacity but don’t quote me), the councillor from the north side of the highway was quoted saying “development is outpacing infrastructure” in the area AS THOUGH THEY DIDN’T HAVE SOME WAY TO CONTROL THAT.

    Transportation master plans that put a priority on walking and cycling are all well and good but the follow through just isn’t there.

    • Yes, I haven’t really touched on the issue with Huntmar and the Tanger outlet (though I believe Glen Gower of Stittsville Central has been all over it), but it’s a giant mess. It shouldn’t be–and isn’t–that hard to build a bit a of pedestrian and bike infrastructure.

      (As an aside, the next post I publish will have something I think you’ll appreciate.)

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