Laughing about starving the city of infrastructure

It was a good day for city of Ottawa infrastructure Friday, as the Adàwe crossing–a foot bridge linking Somerset and Donald Streets–opened six months ahead of schedule.

It was also a day of unintended candour when Mayor Watson joked about the infrastructure deficit Ottawa has suffered during his tenure:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.07.12 PMThis is in reference to the Fifth/Clegg bridge that would connect Old Ottawa East and the Glebe. It has been talked about for a while, and during the last election, the mayor quipped that it might happen, but we’d have to choose between it and converting the old Prince of Wales rail bridge.

Watson and much of the current council has a real habit of this. They like to play different neighbourhoods and different residents against each other. It’s a cynical ploy that serves no purpose but to insulate politicians from actually having to accomplish much.

As it turns out, the Prince of Wales bridge isn’t on the table anymore. It was cancelled, and if you were following things on Twitter, you know there was much confusion over this point. Regardless what actually happened, it looks like David Chernushenko might be (eventually) getting a bridge connecting two neighbourhoods in his ward.

It seems like scraps thrown to a councillor who hasn’t rocked the boat too much.


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