Naming the Donald-Somerset Bridge

Pedestrian-BridgeIn what is welcome news to residents and, no doubt, local politicians, the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge that will link Donald Street and Somerset Street East/Strathcona Park is not only being built on schedule, but it may be open ahead of schedule. For a city that too often ignores the needs of pedestrians and bicycles (and the associated snide remarks made by our political masters), this is a lovely development.

Today, local councillors Mathieu Fleury (Rideau-Vanier) and Tobi Nussbaum (Rideau-Rockliffe) are hosting a community bike ride to talk about the bridge and the historic areas it will connect (but I’m posting this kind of late, so the ride may be over by the time you read this). This will also be a chance to let more people know about the commemorative naming process. (There’s no indication if the name will be derived from fun militaristic word play.)

Personally, if the Donald-Somerset Bridge is named anything other than the Donna-Summer Bridge, I will be supremely disappointed.