Parking and Driving, Driving and Parking

Kathryn Hunt does a great job of writing about biking and infrastructure matters in Ottawa. She’s thoughtful and she knows what she’s talking about. For these reasons, I was a little surprised by her recent column:

Recently, someone asked me if I thought motorists would drive through parks, over lawns and on sidewalks if there were no dedicated space for cars (as cyclists do, at times). At the time, I didn’t know what to say. Since cars need flat surfaces and a lot of room, it was hard to imagine. There just isn’t room on a sidewalk for a car.

Luckily, the current mess that is Lansdowne set her straight.

But even without Lansdowne, it’s obvious that Ottawa drivers will go wherever they please. I see cars driving and parking on the sidewalk with great regularity. It probably happens at least once a week on my street. And this past Victory Day, we got some lovely evidence that drivers will take over parks if they feel so inclined:


So, yes, drivers will drive anywhere.

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