The Election’s Over, Guys

I think it’s fair to say that almost no one had as much fun with the last municipal election as I did. It was a good (and bad, and depressing, and cynical) time, but it’s over; the project of actually running the city should really be important.

Sadly, some just can’t leave the campaign behind.

For all its fun, the Bay Ward election was also nasty at times. Incumbent (and eventual winner) Mark Taylor and challenger (and former concillour) Alex Cullen really went after each other. You may remember* that as much as I wanted to support Cullen, his performance in the debate (and the campaign overall) was a massive turn-off.

He had a very combative tone, and was never able to rise above the muck, no matter what. I think this temperament cost him votes.

Well, months later, and the two are still going at it.**

It would behoove Mark Taylor to avoid these sorts of “debates”. A simple initial response was valid, but it would be much more becoming of a councillor to leave once things get nasty. Let your interlocutor scream into the void of Twitter; don’t engage.

As for Cullen, this type of discourse isn’t going to help him in any future political endeavours…not that he should be calibratingĀ his every tweet with an eye to the next election (in fact, his obvious sincerity, despite the anger, is something to respect). However, if you fancy yourself a community leader (which I’m sure Cullen does, and which, arguably, he is), this exchange was not a display of leadership. It was, I’d say, a tad childish.

Hopefully, this is the last of this sort of thing.

…but I doubt it.

*Looking through the archives, apparently I never actually wrote about the Bay Ward debate. Huh.

*For some reason, I can’t get that to embed. Apologies.

One thought on “The Election’s Over, Guys

  1. Alex Cullen acts like the former councillor that he is. However he continues to forget he was not elected into the role. At least Cullen us consistent, he acts like a former MPP who thinks he IS the MPP.

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