Glebe [Hearts] Mexican?

A couple of new developments are happening in the Glebe. Two storefronts on Bank (one just south of Fifth, the other just south of Second) are seeing new restaurants coming.

First, at Fifth, we have Glebe Taqueria/Encino Taco (I don’t actually know the official name; both are on the signage, but don’t totally make sense as a name; I imagine the former is more a descriptor, the latter the name). It’s going in what used to be a candy bouquet store, before becoming a temporary office for Whole Foods. It’s an interesting space, with an open loft at the back. And there’s a noticeable chandelier hanging. That’s about all you can see.

At Second, we have Burrito Shack. This is a little more interesting. It’s going in at Second beside Marble Slab, and kitty-corner from Feleena’s, the only current Mexican joint in the Glebe. I don’t think there’ll be a ton of competition, though, as they look to be tackling different markets, Burrito Shack seeming more relaxed with a faux-exposed faux-brick faux-motif* going on.

Both the Shack and the Taqueria will be licensed (assuming all goes according to plan). I have no idea how successful they’ll be, but it’s nice to get some of these empty storefronts filled.

*As you can probably guess, this look isn’t really my jam.

One thought on “Glebe [Hearts] Mexican?

  1. Don’t forget about {segue}, which is currently under renovation and will be opening again soon with lots of changes! 749 Bank. 🙂

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