Predictions, Re-visited

So the other day, I was on the Lunch Out Loud election preview podcast. I made predictions on a few words, let’s see how I did (remembering that I wanted to do better than 3/11):

  1. Somerset: Martin Canning or Jeff Morrison (yeah, I wussed out and picked two)

    Winner: Catherine McKenney
    I underestimated the power of McKenney’s machine. This isn’t a bad choice.

  2. Rideau-Rockliffe: Tobi Nussbaum

    Winner: Yay Tobi!

  3. Rideau-Vanier: Marc Aubin

    Winner: Mathieu Fleury
    Aubin’s vision didn’t spread throughout the ward. I hope he’ll remain active in the community.

  4. Kitchissippi: Jeff Leiper

    Winner: Yay Jeff!

  5. River: Riley Brockington

    Winner: Yay Riley!

  6. Osgoode: George Darouze (I’m really guessing here, but this is a really interesting race with lots of good candidates)

    Winner: Yay George!

  7. Gloucester-South Nepean: Susan Sherring

    Winner: Michael Qaquish
    Qaquish knocked on the doors and demonstrated his knowledge of City Hall to win comfortably.

  8. Alta Vista: Jean Cloutier

    Winner: Yay Jean!

  9. Bay: Mark Taylor

    Winner: Yay Mark!

  10. Innes: Jody Mitic

    Winner: Yay Jody!

So no these, I went 8/11; I’ll take that.


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