Comment Rescue–Rideau-Vanier Race

Yesterday, I wrote about Rideau-Vanier candidate Catherine Fortin LeFaivre. In the comments, a supporter of Marc Aubin gave her assessment. In the interest of discourse, I’d like to highlight it. Here’s what reader Martha Scott wrote:

I did not know either candidate (Aubin or Fortin Lefaivre) last March, 2014. I sat down with each of them and a friend and we actually “interviewed” them. As women, we would have been delighted to support a woman.
We decided on Marc. The reason was his experience and his commitment.

He is a community activist whose work life has been as a transportation planner. The fact that he has been actively engaged – chairing his Community Assoc. and the King Ed Ave Task force as well as appearing for residents before the OMB, shows a depth of commitment no other candidate can offer.

In 2010 we elected an inexperienced candidate hoping he could learn on the job. He did not, and that combined with his Conflict of Interest with regards to 60% of the more than 2000 proposed new units coming up left us looking for better representation and minimal learning curve.

In the 8 months since meeting the two candidates I have never regretted my decision to support Marc. He definitely brings the commitment and sincerity as well as the experience Rideau Vanier needs.

Regardless who wins, you can’t doubt the passion in this race.

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