Endorsements, Predictions and Horse Races

As I write about the municipal election, I will, at times, make comments about the state of ward races. Sometimes, I’ll comment on specific candidates or specific issues. I may endorse certain ideas or comment positively on candidates. However, I do not plan on offering endorsements across the city. Nor am I particularly interested in the horse race element of politics. When I’m “covering” a particular race, or candidates, or debate I’ll generally be assessing the issues and policies surrounding them. I think it’s more interesting to look at races and evaluate the different scenarios based on different candidates winning.

That being said, I’m not going to give equal time to every candidate or every ward. Not every candidate has a serious shot at winning, and not every candidate is particularly serious, so I’ll be focusing on the races and candidates who seem the most interesting. Allan Hubley’s cakewalk in Kanata North is thoroughly uninteresting, for example.

Back at home, I have little of interest going on in my ward of Capital. There’s no serious challenger to Chernushenko (maybe in another election Blurton will be a more developed candidate, but he doesn’t offer much just yet), and he’s done a decent job and offers a decent platform, so that’s where my vote will be going. For mayor, there is no serious challenger (sorry, Mike) for mayor, so, again, it’s clear who I’ll wind up voting for. Even my school trustee election is boring, as Shawn Menard is being acclaimed. So my choices aren’t particularly interesting.


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