More on Stittsville

Writing at, Glen Gower offers a little more information from the televised debate between Shad Qadri and Dave Lee. He provides some snippets from the debate that offers a little more insight than my rather quick take yesterday. For instance:

On building a new central library near downtown, and whether or not Stittsville residents would support it:

  • LEE: “We live in the information age, the world of internet.  I have three kids going to school, they’re not going to libraries… What would be the best use of that money? Set up wi-fi centres.  That’s how people are doing research and educating themselves. To put that size of capital expenditure to a library doesn’t make any sense at this time.”
  • QADRI: “A library is an education centre.  School boards are looking for libraries to be developed in the city to work with the school board so they don’t have to spend the money. The city can build a library that everyone can use. We’re not talking about Taj Mahal, we’re talking about a P3 partnership.”

It should be quite clear that Glen has a better handle on all things Stittsville, so, if you’re interested, you might want to check him out.


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