The Mayoral Race Just Got Interesting

It’s been a sad mayoral race, so far. Many have had fun kicking holes in Mike Maguire’s various plans. Other candidates haven’t been able to gain any traction with their platforms (for good reason) and most of them aren’t even showing up for debates. But all that is about to change as reigning mayor Jim Watson finally has a worthy adversary:

Longtime Ottawa celebrity, philanthropist and community activist Darrel ‘Daffy’ Duck today announced he will run for Mayor in Ottawa in the coming Municipal Elections.

“I’ve dedicated myself and my personal fortune, as a concerned citizen, to the well being and contentment of the residents of Dow’s Lake and the Central Experimental Farm for more than 30 years,” Duck proudly states. “Now, it’s time go pro!”

Duck is, basically, mad as Hell about the state of City affairs, and he’s not going to take it any longer.

Alright, jokes aside, there really is no race for mayor in Ottawa. It’s understandable; Watson has been a fully competent mayor. He’s made no major blunders. He’s mostly likeable. He knows the ins-and-outs of running the city. And he’s damned strong politician who’d likely crush most competitors.

So Ottawa will continue to have his relatively steady leadership. Things could be worse. But things could also be much better. Even if Watson is to continue his reign, it would be better for Ottawa to have a strong, wise, viable candidate pushing him, forcing him to engage on more issues. Hopefully, such a candidate would actually make Watson a better mayor.

Instead, we’ve got a guy who wants run trains through parkland and… well… a bunch of candidates with even worse platforms.

And we have Daffy.


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