Dear College Ward, You Can Do Better Than Rick Chiarelli

But not this year.

I watched the Rogers 22 debate for College Ward the other day. If I was a resident of College Ward, it would have been really disappointing. Hell, as a non-resident of College Ward it was disappointing. Rick Chiarelli was bland, typical and boring. He’s been a politician for a while now and he kind of seemed like he was coasting. If he has (or ever had) a grand vision for the city, you wouldn’t know it. Of course, he doesn’t really need to do much to protect his seat; his opponents are doing enough of that for him.

Scott Andrew McLarens seemed well-intentioned. He was also clearly in over his head. By his own admission, he wasn’t sufficiently prepared for the debate and fumbled badly over the first question (a straightforward one about property taxes). He’s clearly the youngest of the field. Perhaps he’ll grow into the role of civic leader. That’d be pretty cool.

Craig MacAuley… well… even he doesn’t take his candidacy too seriously, so I’m not sure we should either. During the debate, he told everyone to vote for his competitor, Guy Annable.

Which brings us to Guy Annable, a passionate candidate, shall we say. (It’s fitting that his information on the city election site is in ALL CAPS. He’s just an all caps kinda guy, I guess.) His platform is thin (two of his four promises are about weekly garbage pick-up… seriously), and his grasp on running a city is weak. He was clearly the strongest and most prepared challenger for Chiarelli, but that has more to do with MacAuley and McLarens than it does his own performance. Annable “passion” covers an anger about city politics. Sadly, it’s not just righteous disapproval of mismanagement; there’s a layer of hatred to his utterings. Building off his racist tweet from the other week, Annable lectured the TV cameras about poor people being drug dealers, suggesting we needed forceful police action against those who dare be poor. On the plus side, he let slip the candidate mask a bit when he let us know that one of his pastimes is hanging around fast food parking lots looking out for poor people drug dealers in “blinged-out” cars.

So, here we are. Sadly, I will be rooting for a Chiarelli victory. Maybe one of Somerset Ward’s strong candidates could parachute in, instead.

9 thoughts on “Dear College Ward, You Can Do Better Than Rick Chiarelli

    • Hi Craig. Apologies for the spelling mistake. I had made a point to check a recent story on the race, but, apparently that didn’t help.

      I linked to your site, and I note that *you* don’t take your campaign seriously and that *you* told people, during the Rogers debate, to vote for Annable, so don’t blame me if your campaign isn’t taken as seriously as you’d like.

      Although I grew up in College Ward, I’m glad that I’m not living in a ward that doesn’t offer a better candidate than Rick Chiarelli. I don’t *want* to root for him, but there’s no other viable option.

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