Ottawa candidate goes full crazy

So if you thought the municipal campaign wasn’t fun already, there’s a new treat to persuade you. Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, candidate in Gloucester-Southgate, has released his “blacklist”, a proclamation declaring which city councillors “stole millions from Ottawa taxpayers”, and he’s tweeting it out like mad.

He has posted it to a blog, Ottawa Blacklist – List of City CouncillorsHere is the post, in full:

This is the blacklist of Ottawa city Councillors who are believed to be involved in corruption at Ottawa city hall and who are believed to have stole millions from taxpayers. The 2014 budget is unbalanced. Day by day the debt for Ottawa city is increasing.

The elections is on October 27, 2014.

Ottawa City Councillor Names:

1. Jim Watson (Mayor)
2. Rainer Bloess
3. Doug Thompson
4. Shad Qadri
4. Diane Deans
5. Peter Hume
6. Eli El-Chantiry
7. Diane Holmes


This list was developed by Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, a candidate in Gloucester-Southgate for the 2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections. He developed this list because he wanted to provide a crystal clear warning to the taxpayers about the corruption at City Hall and provide a brief list of names of persons who are believed to be involved in stealing millions.

If you’re wondering, he offers no substantiation, and there is no reason to actually believe him (other than a hyper-developed cynicism towards politicians).

As they say, Good Times.

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