Shuttle buses of hate

Returning to an over-discussed topic, the city has decided to reduce the number of shuttle buses going down Lakeside Avenue–a tiny little residential street that usually can’t be used as a shortcut between Bronson and the QED. I’ve read that the reduction will be between 50% and 70%; there won’t be any “dead head” buses using it (buses returning from the stadium to pick up more fans at the park-and-ride); and that there won’t be any buses post-game.

(Though different reports have different info, so who knows how much is true. Regardless of the specifics, there is a reduction.)

It seems like a decent compromise. It still won’t be fun for residents of Lakeside (and it might make more sense to re-route all shuttle buses), but it demonstrates that the city is trying to find the right balance. Personally, I always wondered if the Lakeside route was a short-term gambit to induce people to ride the shuttles–make it really quick at first, then give them slightly longer routes that people won’t really mind.

Of course, civic good will won’t reach everyone. Reading the comments on the Sun article is… enlightening. It’s quite pathetic how people have so little concern for their fellow residents*. The same goes for would-be mayor Darren Wood:

I’m not sure what is the defining aspect of Wood’s tweet: the blatant disdain for Ottawa residents, the Dada-esque use of the English language or his sheer ignorance regarding Ottawa’s geography.


*Yes, all of you who think this is a capitulation of Chamberlain proportions, I’m calling you pathetic. Because you are.

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