This would not be a good protest

I’ve been wondering about the effects of Lansdowne traffic on Lakeside Avenue, a tiny little side street that is being used as a route for shuttle buses (about 500 of them). The residents of Lakeside are the one group of people who looked to be really put-out by the transportation plan, and it appears they were.

And they might have started fighting back.

Shuttle bus drivers complained that after the second RedBlacks home game, people on Lakeside were shining flashlights at them. If true, it’s a very stupid, dangerous and likely illegal form of protest.

One Lakeside resident, however, said it didn’t happen:

Gardam said she and some fans were the only people on the sidewalk post-game. Some neighbours were on a porch counting the buses, she said, but the only lighting was from porch and street lights.

Gardam said the street’s incline and speed bumps can cause car headlights to shine a bit higher, which could be the source of the complaint. She said Lakeside residents wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize safety, and in no way want to interfere with fans using the shuttle buses.

I hope that’s correct, but even without the flashlights, residents had some other forms of protest, slowly crossing the street in front of shuttles and parking their cars to force the buses to slow down. These are perfectly acceptable forms of civil disobedience.

The traffic plan will be re-examined at the end of August. Hopefully, the residents will get at least some relief.

2 thoughts on “This would not be a good protest

    • I’d read that for the second game, it was no longer a no parking zone. However, as civil disobedience measures go, it’s not really a bad one.

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