Mayoral candidate Darren Wood seems well-intentioned… [Updated]

Mayoral candidate Darren Wood seems like an engaged politician, which is certainly a point in his favour. He’ll get into drawn-out twitter discussions, and is becoming a rather active blogger. Recently, he wrote on the matter of what sets him apart from other mayoral candidates. A worthy topic, no doubt.

I’m not going to get into everything he wrote, just yet, nor am I going to do a Mike-Maguire-esque fisking of his entire platform. I do, however, want to bring up one part:

This is a very good question that was asked of me during an interview today. Despite having done a half dozen interviews already in the last week or so, this was the first time anyone had asked me what the difference between myself and other candidates was. In this case she was comparing me to Mike Maquire who apparently has an almost identical campaign platform to mine. To that I would say, maybe he read my website and tweets that were coming out long before he started up his campaign. I’m not saying he gleamed his idea’s from me, I’m suggesting it’s possible is all.

At first, I thought he was just being a tad cheeky (something I can respect), but that final line is just a tad too earnest. Darren Wood is unequivocally wrong that Maguire took his platform from Wood. Maguire ran for mayor four years ago on an incredibly similar platform. It’s ridiculous to suggest that Maguire is just following in Wood’s shadow.

If you go to Maguire’s site, you will see that he has a pretty robust platform. He doesn’t just list a few key points, he has a lot of in-depth information. Wood doesn’t have a platform on his site. He has a list of nine bullet-points that he wants to accomplish in his first term.

If Wood really wants to come off as the best option to Watson, he needs flesh out his ideas, release a full platform and get a better handle on the other candidates. Merely claiming to be the lead dog actually diminishes his credibility.

On the other hand, I support his use of gratuitous profanity.

Update: See, this is how engaged he is, within moments of me tweeting about this post, he responded:

I hereby rescind my criticism (though I’m still looking forward to his full platform).

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