In case you hadn’t heard (and if you’re in Ottawa, that seems unlikely), today is the home opener for the Ottawa RedBlacks. There’s been a lot of chatter in recent weeks (and months) (and years) about the viability of football, the best plan for Lansdowne, traffic and such. Tonight, we’ll finally get some answers.

Okay, we won’t, really, get many answers. Lansdowne is still mostly a construction site. The RedBlacks are an expansion team, and its easy for people to be excited about their first home game. And, of course, today’s traffic won’t really tell us what it’ll be like going forward. Likely, it’ll kind of suck, but it’s a progress that, hopefully, will keep getting better.

Interestingly, the city is well-ahead in planning for traffic concerns. This morning, they had a bunch of Special Event No Parking signs up. The city has actually expanded the no parking areas, which is great (and potentially troubling for those foolish enough to drive to the game). As well, last night they had dropped off some barricades at the corners of some side.

I will, alas, not be going to the game, but I will be down on Bank Street. It will be great to experience the carnival atmosphere. Hopefully, we can keep up this sort of enthusiasm for years to come. (Well, not to this degree. Obviously, things are a little extra amped up for the opener.)

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