Did Claude Giroux commit sexual assault?


Certainly not according to the Ottawa Police, even though the NHLer repeatedly grabbed a man’s ass at the Great Canadian Cabin on Canada Day. That man was a cop and Giroux was arrested, but he was never charged and eventually released.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about this matter. Why wasn’t Giroux chareged? Was it because he’s a famous hockey player? Is it because he grabbed a man’s butt? Why didn’t the officer press charges? Are big manly men not allowed to admit when they’ve been assaulted.

It is possible that this situation didn’t warrant an arrest, but how easily would we dismiss it if Giroux had groped a woman? (Granted, some people don’t really care about sexual assault.) What makes the whole situation worse is that the police were all too willing to gland-hand Giroux’s tem, the Flyers, offering them an inside scoop as they lied to Ottawa reporters.

Everything about this situation stinks, especially the idea that a sexual assault may have been waved away.


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