To Ottawa!

I’m just going to steal this entire press release from the city, because it’s such good news. Council supports “By the Glass” licence for local craft breweries and wineries:

26 June 2014
Public Service Announcement

Ottawa – Council support of the “By the Glass” licence applications to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario opens the door for interested local craft breweries and wineries to serve and sell their own beer and wine where it is made.

Realizing the restricted Council schedule over the summer and fall months, Council proactively extends its support beyond yesterday’s applications to support all interested all Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) licensed manufacturers who wish to apply to AGCO between now and December 31, 2014.

“By the Glass” is formally named the Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor License. It was introduced by AGCO to allow provincial wineries and craft brewers that already hold a manufacturer’s licence to serve and sell their own beer and wine to consumers at their manufacturer site, under certain conditions.

The license requirements exempt applicants from the public advertising process. Instead, it requires support from the appropriate municipal council, to indicate the communities’ support for the application.

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