Did OC Transpo admit that their drives run red lights?

The answer, it appears, is yes.

Last month, a video popped up on Youtube showing various OC Transpo buses running red lights:

John Manconi, the General Manager of Transit Services, reviewed the video and has attempted to get to the bottom of things:

Manconi tried to contact the person who took the video to learn more, but he hasn’t heard back. He even dispatched staff to monitor the intersection but they didn’t find any blatant cases of buses blowing red lights.

The use of the word “blatant” is telling. It appears to be an admission that, yes, buses do run through red lights, and, really, there was no way they could credibly claim otherwise. Anyone who spends much time downtown or around other high-traffic areas will have witnessed multiple instances of buses running reds–either when they fail to stop for yellow or red lights, or when they decide to accelerate from a stop when a light has turned yellow.

It is also clear that the city and OC Transpo don’t consider this law-breaking to be a big deal.

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